Tuesday - Sunday, 12 PM - 6 PM                                                                                               166 Berry st, Brooklyn NY 11249

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Metal Dimensions is a company that can fabricate anything in metal without limitation and completed with fine artistry and taste. Our work includes custom store fronts, stair cases, bar tops, custom columns, lighting, tables, beds, all kinds of gadget hardware and accessories. We are experts in restoring and replicating landmark metal work as well as metal furniture, lighting and various objects. We are a one stop shop because we work with everything in metal and beyond. For over 25 years Avi has been working with independent craftsmen in stone, wood, glass, leather/fabrics, plastic, epoxy cement and terrazzo. Our custom work is shipped all around the country and all around the world. We use new and old technology in our craftsmanship.

Metal Dimensions was established in 1997 by Avi Kendi owner and art director of the company. We provide fabrication of all metals, steel brass, bronze aluminum, zinc and cast metals in architectural and high end ornamental with precision machinery. Any style of work including all mix media material as stone, wood, glass, fabric plastic, recycled metals and reclaimed wood. We provide help in designing the product with the right material and finish to achieve your vision. We will always go out of our way to complete the job to your satisfaction. All methods of finishing on metal are used at our shop.

“I believe that understanding your design and vision is more important than just taking a job to do it. Here at Metal Dimensions we believe that if the job is not done right then it is better to not have it done at all, which is why execution and finalization of the jobs we take are very important to us. No project is ever too small or big. Whether you are a designer, architect, decorator or just someone who has a vision we will be here to guide you from start to finish.” – Avi Kendi

Contact us:

Gallery:  Yael Ginosar  //  yael@metaldimensions.gallery                                                                                                    tel: 718.486.5434                                                                                                                            cel: 347.557.6515
Custom work:  Neil Cao  //  metaldimensions2@gmail.com                                                                                                tel: 718.486.2453                                                                                                                            cel: 917.545.8307
Owner:  Avi Kendi  //  metaldimensions@gmail.com                                                                                                            cel: 917.676.6922